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Revealing ALL “Flavors” of Revit

I was recently asked about the other versions of Revit (oddly named “flavors”).  Revit used to come in Architecture, MEP and Structure. Then, Autodesk put them all together in a single product called Revit One (that may have actually been the pre-release name), which include all three products in one.  Eventually, the product was just

Revit 2010: To Set or Not to Set…the Reference Plane

Hey All.  Here’s a very quick Revit 2010 tip concerning the Conceptual Mass.  In this new feature of Revit, which puts you in an environment similar to the massing (or Building Maker) environment of 2009, you no longer need to click the Set button and then choose the reference plane on which you’d like to

Revit Architecture 2010: Grid Line Bubble Types

Hey All.  I just got a question about grid lines and being able to choose where the bubble appears.  By default, within the Element Properties dialog box of a 1/4″ grid bubble type, the Plan View Symbols End 1 (Default) is turned on while the Plan View Symbols End 2 (Default) is turned off.  The

3ds Max 2010: Containers

Hey all.  Sorry for the loooong delay in posts.  I really don’t have an excuse, so I’ll just get into this post.  Last week I taught the new feature in 3ds Max 2010 called containers.  I really like this new feature but I’m not sure if I agree that much with it’s implementation.  Containers, I

Hmm…that looks a little familiar…

Hey All.  You might have noticed some design changes to lately.  Nothing too drastic but just enough to show more information without overwhelming you.  Anyway, I received an email recently about AUGI’s new publication AUGI|AEC EDGE and couldn’t help notice that their banner looks awfully familiar… …to mine: Very interesting…

CADuzer on Twitter…a test…UPDATE: SUCCESS!

Hey All.  CADuzer is now on Twitter and I wanted to see if my posts show up there.  For the most part, this post is a test of that, but you can follow CADuzer over there at Thanks UPDATE:  OK, so it worked…now what?  I haven’t completely figured out whether or not Twitter is


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