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A Couple of Product Reviews

Hey All!  I was asked to test a couple of products of the last several months, and wanted to let you know what I thought.  The biggest issue with all of tech that we have these days is power, or lack thereof!  The first product I tested was a 4-port power strip, with an additional 4

Trying this Watchface: “Timr Face”

I’m trying out this watchface on my Moto 360 smartwatch: I’ll let you know what I think. UPDATE: Well, it crashed on launch. Oh well.  After some updates to it, it works well now on my Moto360.

Technology for my Father: Google Chromecast

In this post I’m going to talk about the Google Chromecast.  When I got one of these, I convinced one of my Brothers-in-law to get one also.  Since then, my parents, in-laws, and other Brother- and Sister-in-law have gotten one as well.  I even purchased a second one.  So, what is it, you might ask?

Technology for my Father: Putting things in the Cloud

Introduction I know there are those who would insist I stay on topic, namely, building information modeling.  But I’ve decided to go off-topic for a bit as an idea has come to my mind.  Very often I get questions about the various technological items out there.  They cover, hardware, software, gadgets, apps, the Internet, the