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Revealing ALL “Flavors” of Revit

I was recently asked about the other versions of Revit (oddly named “flavors”).  Revit used to come in Architecture, MEP and Structure. Then, Autodesk put them all together in a single product called Revit One (that may have actually been the pre-release name), which include all three products in one.  Eventually, the product was just

Read this BEFORE Transitioning to _________!

I’ve gotten so many questions about how to learn Revit, what technology to buy, etc. lately and so I wanted to respond in what might initially sound like a surprising way…STOP!!!  Don’t stop asking, and don’t stop pursuing, but stop and think and ask yourself a question: Why?  Why am I learning Revit?  Why am

The Need for an Experienced BIM User on Every Revit-based Project

Happy New Year all!  The transition to Revit from (fill in the blank) continues throughout the industry and I wanted to comment on the need for an experienced person on every Revit-based project.  I often mention to people that nowhere within the Revit help files does it mention the specifics of how to complete uniquely

AAAAAnd We’re Back….

Hey All. Well, BIMuzer is finally up and running and I’m very happy it is because you might have noticed some new software releases (the Autodesk 2011 product line) and I’m just itching to comment on it. In the mean time, I wanted to mention that a colleague of mine, James Vandezande ( with Eddie

Thinking About Removing My “CAD” Blogs Category

It’s New Years Eve day and I’m sitting in front of my laptop about to scan through the 214 new articles in the 321 blogs that I subscribe to.  As you can see off to the right, if you scroll down a bit, I have my blogs categorized by topics.  When I go through the

Revit – Things to Consider When Starting a Project

Hey All.  I want to go through a few key things you should think about when starting a Revit-based project.  I have to say, first of all, let’s start referring to these projects as a “Revit-based Project” as opposed to a “Revit Project”.  I think it takes the emphasis off of what type of software