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A Couple of Product Reviews

Hey All!  I was asked to test a couple of products of the last several months, and wanted to let you know what I thought.  The biggest issue with all of tech that we have these days is power, or lack thereof!  The first product I tested was a 4-port power strip, with an additional 4 USB ports.  A lot of devices that one buys these days comes with a USB cable, but no actual plug.  Therefore, having a powerstrip with USB ports is incredibly useful!  The powerstrip is no bigger than a traditional one and the design puts the USB ports to the end opposite of the power cord.  This is particularly useful if the USB cables you have a short (which they tend to be).  The other great thing about it, is the each USB port has a maximum of 4A output.  What that means is that, if you’re only using it to charge one or two devices, they can take full advantage of high-speed charging.  It also comes with several USB cables for you to use (it’s always great to have extra USB cables).  Finally, it has a smart charging feature, than only sends the right about of power to your device.  It’s $19.99 and here’s the link on Amazon directly to the product. Also, here’s a picture:

If you’re on the go, however, you don’t always have a place to recharge.  The latest craze has been a portable battery pack with a USB port so you can charge any device that can be charged in this manner.  I’ve been a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owner for a few years, and the best feature of it was the fact that I could remove the battery.  I had 2 extra batteries plus an external charger.  So, needless to say, I always had a fully charged battery.  Unfortunately, I was involved with the recent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle (and am still extremely disappointed about that), where the ability to remove the battery was taken out (which could have made things easier).  Ultimately, I returned the Note 7 and went back to my Note 3, then exchanged that once the new Note 7s came out.  Then, however, I had to exchange the Note 7 again, and ended up getting the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge instead.  Since this phone doesn’t have a removable battery either, I’m very happy to have the portable charger I was asked to test.  It’s very thin and very light and, actually, looks like a smartphone itself!  It’s maximum output is 2.1A but, on a full charge, can charge two iPhone 6s or one Galaxy S7, before it needs to be recharged itself.  Similar to the powerstrip, it has a smart charge feature to protect your device.  It also has 3 LED lights on the front telling you how much power it has left.  It’s priced really well at $13.99 and here’s a link Amazon directly to the product.  Also, here’s a picture:

I definitely recommend these two tech accessories and think you should take a look!!