Archiving a File in 3DS MAX

I definitely plan on posting about 3ds Max 2011, but I get questions a lot to look at peoples MAX files and the first thing I usually tell them is to archive the file and send it to me.  Archiving files in 3ds Max creates a zip file containing not only the MAX file, but also any other files that are associated with it (like other linked MAX files, image files, etc.).  Here’s how to archive a file in 3ds max (I’ll be using version 2011, but I don’t believe the process has changed at all):

In the following file I have a simple box with a wood material assigned.  The material has an image of Red Birch assigned to it:

  1. Click the Application button (the big M at the top-left).
  2. Hover over the Save As button and then click Archive.
  3. Set a location and file name and then click Save.

The ZIP file created has the MAX file, the image file and a text file with notes about the archive: