Revit and 3ds Max Share Features (because my mom always told me that sharing is caring)

New features within the rendered frame window, part of 3ds Max’s Reveal 3 technology, are what are known as Quality Control Knobs.  These knobs, which are actually slider bars, help you quickly change the mental ray-related settings of your renderings without having to go into the Render Setup dialog box or the Material Editor. The values in these two dialog boxes, however, will change as you adjust the knobs since these are global settings.  With the Material Editor, or more specifically actual materials, values will change.  For example, adjusting the Glossy Refractions Precision knob within the rendered frame window will also adjust the Glossiness setting of all mental ray-based materials.  Additionally, you can drag the knobs all the way to the left to turn that particular feature off.  Here’s what they look like:


As I stated in my previous post, many more of the features of this version have extensive tool tips.  The Quality Control Knobs are no exception.  For example, here’s what you see if you put you mouse over the slider knob for Glossy Reflections Precision:


As I was playing with these feature, I suddenly had the feeling that I had seen them before.  I had…in Revit:



It’s really great to see this feature being migrated over to 3ds Max (although it would be nice to have the same example images that appear in Revit).  In both programs, the Quality Control Knobs really let you continue to work without spending too much time trying to figure out which, for example, number values which will get you the results you want.

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