Turn Off the Render Window in 3DSMAX to Speed Up Rendering (and your computer!)

This is a quick post, but I received a question about whether or not turning off the rendered frame window in 3DS MAX would speed up the rendering.  The answer is, yes, it will.  It will also speed up your computer.  While the increase in speed and decrease in render time won’t be extreme, if you’re doing a rendering that you know will take hours versus minutes, it’s definitely worth doing.  Here’s how to do it:

  • 1.  Open the Render Setup dialog box.
  • 2.  Open the Common tab and scroll down to the Render Output group within the Common Parameters section.
  • 3.  Remove the check next to Rendered Frame Window.
  • 4. Remember that since there won’t be a window, you will not be able to preview it as it renders nor will you be able to save it after the render completes.  Therefore, within the same group, click the Files… button and set a file name and location to save the rendering automatically when it finishes.
  • 5.  A progress bar will still show up so you will still be able to monitor it.
  • cafig01